Medexs UK

Interfurn Medical Systems Ltd is a multi-national company specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of hospital and operating theatre ultra clean ventilation systems and solutions.

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Established in 1945 and originated in the Netherlands, Interfurn is part of the Interwinn Group and is built on quality, professionalism, product knowledge and the desire to push the boundaries of product design and innovation. We currently operate in Holland, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

Medexs UK

Our objective is to provide innovative, high quality ultra clean ventilation (UCV) solutions with products produced and assembled with respect to the environment. As a result we aim to create a sustainable, profitable business for stakeholders and increase value to our shareholders. Our manufacturing methods meet the highest worldwide quality and environmental standards.

Medexs UK

Over the years, we have learned that some customers want to make decisions based on existing processes or products, whereas others wish to have fully customised solutions. With this in mind, Interfurn operates flexibly to your requirements and has the capability to manufacture both standard and bespoke designs to your specific needs at all times.

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